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25-Feb-2020 10:08

To fully understand the flexibility of this approach let’s look at the simple XML document (which was created in my previous post): package com.example.staxread; import Additionally, the parser can emit several CHARACTERS or CDATA events in a row so we have to concatenate their text in read Characters method.

It is possible to force the parser to emit only one such event with concatenated text by setting Coalescing property on XMLInput Factory before instantiating the reader.

In the next example, I'll show a filter that skips a whole branch of an XML document.

This time I'll be using the cursor-based API and a filtered stream reader instead of an event reader, as I have found that complex filters are best implemented as stream filters.

Once we are done with the current event, we move to the next one and continue.

The events can be for example the start of element, the end of element or characters data.

Listing 1 shows an event filter that skips all XML processing instructions.

These events are not passed to the event reader's s in a layered fashion by constructing filtered event readers on top of each other.

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Additionally, it is much easier to use than SAX parser and does not require building DOM tree but instead it is possible to read data directly into your own data structures.

It also checks whether XML document is well-formed and raises exception when it is not the case.